Risk of Buying an Independent Distributor Cellphone Warranty

When you buy a new cellphone, you may have been offered a cellphone with an independent distributor warranty. Cellphone shopkeepers commonly call it a “distributor guarantee”. This is actually the same as an official guarantee, and the price tends to be cheaper.

Risk of Buying an Independent Distributor Cellphone Warranty

However, I recommend buying a cellphone product with an official factory warranty. This is because sometimes the extra risk is not explained to prospective buyers. The risk of buying a cellphone distributor warranty includes:

  • Not necessarily original new items Indeed, when you buy a distributor warranty product, the cardboard is still sealed and you think that the item is really new. Even though the fact is not necessarily so, because some cellphone business people are guaranteed an independent distributor to do business practices that are not wise. They often sell reconditioned cellphones, or in other words are cellphones that are not branded so they resemble new ones. For example, there is a used cellphone, but the function in it is still good, only the outside has a lot of scratches, then the actor will replace the new case and erase all data so that it will look like a new cellphone.
  • Different specifications Sometimes the new cell phone is not necessarily the cellphone will be circulated here (Indonesia), maybe the cellphone is a cellphone marketed in China. When activated, there are many applications and menus that speak Chinese. The phone is not equipped with Play Store, as a result you have to take extra steps when you want to install additional applications. The mobile phone specifications that should be circulating abroad are also not necessarily the same as Indonesia. Frequency mismatches, for example, make you unable to enjoy internet services with the highest speed offered by Indonesian GSM operators.
  • Not Getting Original Accessories As I stated earlier, that the partially independent cellphone distributor is reconditioned, it is clear that the items used to replace are not original factory accessories. Even if the phone is really new, then the handsfree, data cable, battery, charger included are not necessarily original.
  • Where Claims for Warranty Are Unclear Most cellphone buyers who experience damage will be confused claiming the warranty, because the address listed is not accurate. And also cellphone consumers guarantee that independent distributors will wait a long time until the cellphone returns when the warranty process takes place. In contrast to the official cellphone warranty, buyers only deliver damaged items to the shop where they buy, after that they will be processed quickly (even most will immediately get replaced with a new cellphone).
  • Trying to Scorch the Warranty If only the cellphone owner finds a repair center, that does not mean everything will become lacquer. The experience that I have encountered is that they will try to scorch the warranty, for example there is a small scratch, then the independent distributor will say that the damage has been dropped. Or another case is to say that the cellphone is exposed to water but the buyer never knew it. The point is they will try their best to remove the warranty, and here it is clear the buyer will still be the party that loses.

Be wise to be a buyer, choose a cellphone with an official factory warranty so you can get maximum service. The price of an official cellphone warranty is indeed a little more expensive than the warranty of the distributor, but you will get what you are entitled to. Hopefully useful for you