Weak and Flagging Causes, Along With Solutions

The causes of weakness and lethargy that are often experienced by humans are caused by many factors. This weak and lethargic condition will result in a performance that is not optimal and can cause failure to focus. Well if you experience it, then first identify what caused it.

Weak and Flagging Causes Along With Solutions

As I said earlier, the causes of weakness and lethargy are many factors, so each of these factors also has its own way of handling. Now you first know what is the cause of lamah and lethargy, among others:

  • Food supply Eating a lot of caffeine and sugar can make you tired because of uncontrolled fluctuations in blood sugar. Instead, look for balance, such as vegetables, fruit, and protein. Most people, fatigue will decrease if they consume healthy food. Eating healthy foods can also reduce weight, because obesity contributes greatly to fatigue.
  • Lack of sleep Many people don’t get enough sleep. So, avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol at bedtime, and create a calm atmosphere in your room.
  • Anemia Anemia is a very common cause, which is characterized by feeling tired, tired, and lethargic. This is a major problem for women, especially those who have heavy menstrual periods. To be able to overcome anemia complaints is with an iron-rich diet, then multiply eating meat, dark green leafy vegetables, or supplements if you experience chronic iron deficiency.
  • Thyroid Problems Excess or lack of thyroid can cause fatigue. Blood tests can be done to help evaluate thyroid function. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the bottom of the neck that produces the hormone thyroxine and tri-iodothryronine.
  • Undiagnosed Heart Disease Fatigue can be a sign of heart problems, especially in women. If someone starts feeling bad when exercising. Then this can be a warning of heart problems.

Those are some of the causes of weakness and lethargy that can make you less focused on doing activities. May be useful for you all.


Prevent Stomach Problems

Bloating and abdominal pain often occur in humans, but you should not underestimate the problem above because if left unchecked it will have even worse consequences for you. As I have often said, prevention is better than cure. Stomach problems can be caused due to various things, including improper diet, wrong food consumption, etc.

Prevent Stomach Problems

There are ways to prevent stomach problems that you may often suffer, these methods include:

  • Early Dinner In a study, a gastroenterologist found that eating 3 hours or less before going to bed can make you 7½ times more likely to suffer from heartburn. The problem doesn’t stop there, the heat caused by it can disrupt your sleep, it can also increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Solution: Eat at least 4 hours before planning to sleep and if you want to eat late at night, eat a snack high in carbohydrates 200 calories or less, for example whole wheat bread.
  • Eating Snacks that Increase Good Bacteria You know, yogurt is one of the super foods. Now a study finds that eating yogurt every day for a month helps overcome flatulence, abdominal pain and heartburn (stomach acid back to the esophagus), even after a prescription medication fails, making yogurt remedi the most effective for stomach problems. The reason is yogurt rich in bifidobakteria and lactobacillus, which are good bacteria that help eradicate harmful bacteria. Yogurt can even prevent stomach cancer.

Tip : Choose yogurt that has pribiotics, usually labeled and eat 4 ounces every day. See also hargapromosupermarket.com

That’s how to prevent problems that often occur stomach, hopefully useful for you all, and hope you are always healthy always.