Become a Good Teenager and Keep Away from Juvenile Delinquency


A youthful fiery period, which wants to win alone even if it’s wrong, no matter iii: V. A song lyrics from H. Rhoma Irama above illustrates that youth or adolescence is a time when they become easily influenced individuals. If it is affected by positive things, that is what is expected, but the concern is if the teenager is affected by negative things.

Become a Good Teenager and Keep Away from Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency (drunkenness, brawls, drugs, crime) are some of the negative things that can damage the nation’s generation. It is certainly not wanted by parents, because as parents, of course, expect their sons and daughters to be useful human beings for the nation and religion.

It would be very difficult to stop the bad habits of teenagers who have misstated it, so it would be better to anticipate it before it’s too late. So that teenagers do not go wrong, then what must be done is:

  • Intercourse must be considered, because it is the main factor causing juvenile delinquency. Choose to associate with teenagers who have positive activities, because your relationships determine your personality (mostly).
  • Follow what parents want, because parents will not fall into negative things.
  • In the field of religion, because it is the power to deal with all the temptations that you will encounter. With the knowledge of religion, you can easily distinguish between good and bad.
  • Serious in studying. By being serious in learning, you will be preoccupied with positive things. And with the knowledge you get at school, it will be very useful in stepping and it is unlikely that you will fall into negative things.
  • Make family a place to tell stories. Talk about all the problems you face with your family, because they know better what you have to do with your problem.
  • Be diligent about what is your hobby, for example, you have a hobby of playing football, pursue those activities, who knows you can become a professional player.

There are many ways to avoid the bad habits of teenagers who have deviated from religious norms and teachings. To be sure, you must be firm in your stance so that you are not easily affected by the juvenile delinquency. Hopefully this short article is useful for you.

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